Frequently Asked Questions

Omni Management is the Aberdeen Bend HOA management company and works under the direction of the HOA Board of Directors.  Questions about the community should be directed to Omni Management Services.  Stephanie is our property manager.  Contact Omni via email: or 317-541-0000.

The Aberdeen Bend covenants and restrictions are located on the Documents & Forms page under Governing Documents.

Refer to the Aberdeen Bend covenants found under Governing Documents on the Documents & Forms page to learn about what exterior changes or modifications require approval.  Items requiring approval include, but are not limited to, fences, basketball goals, swing sets, pools, landscaping, decks/patios, and satellite dishes.

Homeowners are required to submit an Architectural Request Form to Omni Management Services.  A plot plan with detailed notes about the improvement must be included with the Architectural Request Form. If you have plans or information from the professional installer that you choose, please submit those with your request as well. Once a complete request package is sent to Omni, the Architectural Review Committee will review the request and then approve or deny the request.  This process can take between 30 to 60 days depending on the type of improvements or modifications being requested.

Visit if you’d like to schedule recurring payments or sign into your Caliber portal account to make individual payments directly form your HOA account

Follow the instructions indicated on your invoice through Southdata to choose paperless billing.

Contact Omni Management Services for any concerns about the common areas. The HOA dues are primarily used to maintain the Aberdeen Bend common areas. Omni works with the Board of Directors to contract with various vendors to perform maintenance work in the community. Examples of maintenance work include mowing, common area tree care, pond maintenance, and front entrance maintenance.

We suggest that in circumstances that require emergency assistance that homeowners use their right to be safe and call the proper authorities in extreme cases, for instance, if a dog is running loose in a community animal control needs to be contacted.

There are covenants and restrictions that were given to homeowners at closing that they can use for reference to see what the community will allow. If they do not have these documents they can contact the title company or closing representatives for a copy. OMNI Management can make copies for a homeowner, however, there is a $25.00 fee for this service. Every homeowner is entitled to a copy of these documents. The covenants can also be viewed on the community website for convenience.

You can call OMNI Management and speak to the Property Manager for your community and express your concern or submit a Service Request through the Omni Caliber Portal. Omni will verify the claim and take whatever action can be pursued to secure compliance with direction from the community’s Board of Directors.

The Aberdeen Bend community is a small community of 50 households. The community is governed by 5 – 6 homeowners that have volunteered to hold positions on the Board of Directors. The community also has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) comprised of 4 – 5 members who review and comment on Architectural Change Requests submitted by fellow homeowners. The HOA covenants provide more information about the duties of the Board and the ARC. If you would like to be a member of the Board or the ARC, please contact the property manager at Omni via

Sign up for access to your Caliber Portal account using your address or email your preferred email to to receive email communication from Omni and the Board pertaining to Aberdeen Bend. You can also visit the community website and register to receive homeowner access to community documents and information. If you need assistance signing up for the Caliber Portal please email or call us at 317-541-0000.

Aberdeen Bend, as a community, is a member of the Hayden Run pool. The pool is located on 13174 Roma Bend in Hayden Run. The pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The Hayden Run Board of Directors oversees the management of the pool. Direct any questions to Suzie Frazier, at

If you lose a pool key, please contact Hayden Run Property Manager Suzie Frazier, at

If your mailbox is in need of repair, contact Otto’s Streetscape Solutions.  Mailboxes and mailbox numbers are required to be uniform within the neighborhood.

Mailbox posts should be painted with black matte paint according to the governing documents. Please ensure that the paint that is used is appropriate for wood and weather resistant. Homeowners are responsible to keep their mailbox posts in good aesthetic condition. Chipped or faded paint should be addressed immediately.

Per the governing documents, all holiday lights and decorations should be removed from the exterior of homes by January 31st.